Our business has a long and rich history dating back over sixty years, and it all started in a Swedish Air Force instrument workshop in 1947...

FFV Aerotech

Until 1994 the business was a division of FFV Aerotech. On January 1, 1994, FFV Metrology was formed as a subsidiary of FFV Aerotech, which was also the year we launched our Finnish company, FFV Mittausteknika OY.

Celsius Metech and Saab Metech

In 1998, the Celsius group acquired FFV and was renamed Celsius Metech before establishing in Denmark and Germany in 1999. In 2000, Saab acquired the Celsius group and we became Saab Metech.

Bodycote Metech

In 2006, Saab signed an agreement with Bodycote International Plc on the transfer of shares in Saab Metech and its subsidiaries.

Exova Metech

In 2008, the entire Bodycote Testing Group was bought from Bodycote Plc, and in 2009 we were rebranded as Exova. We are now Exova Metech, part of Exova Group, and we are proud of our long and rich history. We are continually expanding as our geographic reach grows through new long-term partnerships. In 2013, we became established in the Czech Republic and in 2014, we moved into Norway while also expanding outside Europe into offices in the USA and China.

We help our customers with measurement technology for product quality and risk management

We do this by:

  • Working as an independent supplier delivering calibration, measuring and consultancy services
  • Having broad capability and high quality of services to our customers
  • Providing flexible and value added service solutions
  • Being close to our customers and providing on-site services
  • Working on a long-term basis and with strong customer relationships
  • Having competent, empowered and engaged people at all levels